Little Legendz

Free Trial of Little Legendz on Friday 23rd September at 1.30-2.30pm Theme- Gruffalo Wood Every Learning legendz session will involve some of the folowing ; crafts, sensory play, story, drama, speaking and listening, movement/dance, singing… We will share a story together, and then do group and individual activities linked to the book. Based at 2nd Knutsford Scout… Continue reading Little Legendz


Legendz Languages

This part of Learning Legendz is evolving based on the need and requirements of the local families. Legendz Languages workshops will be fun and involve singing, movement, role play, conversation, vocab and games. The workshops will be planned around the group of children we have attending. September -December Workshops Spanish- Goostrey (day and time tbc)… Continue reading Legendz Languages


Legendz Adventure. Explore-Create-Imagine-Dream

I will be running six theme days at the beginning of August which will not only be fun, but cover areas of the curriculum too. The underlying goals will be teamwork, leadership and boosting confidence and self esteem. It is a trial for this summer so the logistics are all a bit last minute but all… Continue reading Legendz Adventure. Explore-Create-Imagine-Dream


What is in a name?

Deciding what anything or anyone should be called is always a challenge, and whatever you choose, there will always be lovers and haters.  Learning Legendz was chosen because it’s different and not traditional, although it is learning, the learning will be fun? With grammar and spelling being such a huge part of the primary curriculum… Continue reading What is in a name?

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Learning Legendz Vision and Aims

Vision Learning Legendz endeavours to promote many opportunities for learning together, and playing together. Giving children and young people the power to develop and grow, reaching their full potential and enjoying exciting and memorable learning opportunities. Ensuring we create resilient learners that love learning and enjoy challenges. Aims To help and  all children to sparkle and… Continue reading Learning Legendz Vision and Aims