Educational Establishments & teachers

Primary Schools

During my time as a primary teacher, I have led many successful projects and theme days; it’s one of the things I enjoy most.  All of which take up a ridiculous amount of teacher time to plan, adding to already relentless workloads. Give your staff a break, and let me do the organising and leading with the staff. All done with involvement and Support from the school team, but the logisitics, organisation and stress can be done by me. I will even produce a mini newsletter about the day for your school, so the fabulous learning can be shared with parents, leaving teachers time to do what they do best, teach!

  • Ambition and aspiration- enterprise projects*, careers day. *(for enterprise fortnight it would also involve using the resources, expertise and ideas from the brilliant Stepping into Business, this would be at additional cost, but is well worth the investment. And we could look at business sponsorship…Many PTAs may fund access to the Stepping into Business programme, and it has really wonderful pupil premium outcomes too, the confidence and self esteem growth was immense. These projects  has proved extremely successful and created many learning memories, and have impacted positively on the whole school community and I have no doubt the children in your school would love this and gain so much experience and skills.img_3126-1
  • Theme days– outdoor learning, maths in other cultures, whole school cooking, enterprise, art, music moments, whatever you require. This will involve working with staff at staff meeting or INSET to plan, and eventually share the days finished plans and logistics, and support during the project itself.
  • Performing Starz (performing arts club) culminating in a production for parents and the whole school. This can be done as a club, or I can cover PPA for a term and prepare the performance in that time
  • French Club or International Club
  • maths Challenge club (year five and year six)
  • How to bring more music into schools? Help with making your school a more musical place!
  • Choir
  • Supply teaching from a passionate and inspiring teacher, with high expectations and infectious enthusiasm.
  • Maths interventions or support – challenging the more able, or offering support to those struggling

Pre-schools and Nurseries

Offering Little Legendz classes- freeing up time for key workers  to get on with paperwork

Musical theatre- a one hour class focusing on drama, dance and singing. (Again freeing up key workers for observations or learning journey updates

Teachers- Time2Talk

I can offer coaching and mentoring to teachers at any point in their career, helping them establish possible solutions and routes forward. My specialisms are behaviour, Special Educational Needs, Maths and Performing arts, but can coach in any area. Coaching can be done face to face or virtually. Cost £30 per hour, and includes a written up action plan if required.

Educational Companies

As an experience senior leader in primary schools, I am skilled at giving presentations and leading training, if you need any additional trainers or presentors for your business let me know and I would love to be involved. I am a fast learner and prove to be an enthusiastic and motivated ambassador for your business.