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Learning Legendz is more than just bespoke tailor tuition, we offer great opportunities for learning with others and becoming part of a learning community, alongside the usual private tuition. You can also find us on facebook.


Learning Legendz endeavours to promote many opportunities for learning together, and playing together. Giving kiddiewinks the power to develop and grow, reaching their full potential and enjoying exciting and memorable learning opportunities.


  • To help and  all children to sparkle and shine
  • To promote a lifelong love of learning
  • To increase confidence and self esteem
  • To empower all learners on their journey to becoming independent learners.

Hopefully, learning Legendz will have a positive impact on their academic attainment, but for us that isn’t the be all and end all. They are children, and in the current educational climate, now more than ever, they need chance for fun, chilling and down time. My sessions will be fun, interactive, and motivating, with plenty of learning ‘talk; listening and games. Although, I offer 1:1 tuition, my heart lies in teaching and supporting learners in small groups, as the learning they gain from others cannot be measured.

Learning Legendz offers opportunities to develop in confidence and self-esteem, while learning in an exciting, fun and memorable way. Workshops and group tuition  foster team work and learning from others. An emphasis is also placed on learning  to Learn and enjoying learning for themselves. The aim of the workshops, is not only too learn, but to become an independent learner. In each of the workshops, children will be given a range of strategies /resources for further continuing this learning at home; helpful parent  hints will also be provided. Taking ownership, ultimately meaning the children be ‘learning legendz’.We offer a range of different ‘learning’ experiences; both for children and adults. I am passionate about inspiring and fostering a life long love of learning, learning in a fun and relaxed environment, where everyone can reach their full potential.

If you want further information, clarification or wish to book onto any sessions, please email learninglegendz@yahoo.com

Learning Experiences

  • Legendz Adventure
  • Individual tuition (adults and children) and support for home educators
  • Small group Tuition
  • Online /virtual tuition- coming soon
  • Legendz Adventure– Holiday Club with a Difference
  • Little Legendz-Themed fun and educational toddler class
  • SEND parent support group- coming soon
  • Support for Schools in developing exciting wider learning experiences for the children, including theme days, themed fortnights, extra curricular activities,and supply teaching, behaviour/inclusion support- coming in September

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`Find us on instagram:allthingskiddiewink.com

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/learninglegendz

twitter: learninglegend1 and annelouwarren








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