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 Maths in the bath

As a parent, and a maths lover, I try to get maths discussion in everyday. Car journeys and bath time are key times slipping in maths works for us. Whether it be times table or mental arithmetic practice, exploring patterns and shapes in everyday life, or solving time related problems. Anything, however big or small, can promote a healthy enjoyment of mathematics. Letting them gain confidence and rich discussion at their own pace, and stopping should they seem like they are getting stressed. For that reason, my mathematical discussions got in to far more depth with my little man of 6, than my eldest lady of 8- she gets bored far more quickly, so short bursts work well for her. We were discussing shapes at dinner last night, and eldest lady went on in great detail to explain trundle wheels and their purpose, while little man listened fascinated to my discussion on pi and circumference; little man loved repeating the big words and was still talking about it this morning.img_4641


Here is a video of one of our evenings maths in the bath.


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