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Ten Reasons your school should try ‘Stepping into Business’

Stepping into Business is one of the best, if not the best, educational programme I have ever had the pleasure of leading. It was an amazing experience for all involved, and it certainly created lasting exciting learning memories for the school community. Something totally different and fresh, but so relevant in the real world. It… Continue reading Ten Reasons your school should try ‘Stepping into Business’

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Success with spellings at home

As a teacher, I need to teach spellings; as for sending them home to learn, I have mixed feelings! As I am sure many parents do too! But like it or not, the new government agenda puts complex spellings as a high priority, so it is even more important to get into good habits early… Continue reading Success with spellings at home


Parenting Power

I am passionate about positive parenting and behaviour management, and enjoy empowering parents with their own solution which fits their family. No family is the same, and I don’t believe there is a parenting approach that fits all. What works for one, might not have the impact on another family. All children are different, just… Continue reading Parenting Power

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Helping our Children become Mathemagicians!

As teachers, we can help motivate and inspire the mind. We can foster a life long love of learning. We can teach knowledge and skills, care and nurture, but we cannot do it in isolation. In 2008 a lot of research was done into the teaching and learning of mathematics (Peter Williams report), one of their… Continue reading Helping our Children become Mathemagicians!