Parenting Power

I am passionate about positive parenting and behaviour management, and enjoy empowering parents with their own solution which fits their family. No family is the same, and I don’t believe there is a parenting approach that fits all. What works for one, might not have the impact on another family. All children are different, just like all parents are different. To book onto any sessions, or to find out more, please contact me at learninglegendz@yahoo.com

What can Learning Legendz offer parents?

Special Educational Needs Parent Support Group £4 per person.- facilitated by a qualified SENCO, who cares about the views of parents and children, this can be lead formally or informally, depending on the needs of the parents. First Thursday of every month 7.30-9pm, location to be confirmed but will be near Goostrey/Knutsford. Beginning September, please book in advance via email.

Solution focused parenting8-9pm-£6 per session (includes a glass of prosecco)- or book as group of friends for £30. Upcoming Availability: Thursday May 5th, Thursday May 12th and Thursday May 19th

Solution focused parenting is all about taking down barriers; looking at different ways forward and essentially finding solutions. When you are caught up in the thick of something, it can be a really emotional (and stressful; prosecco needing time).

You want to break the habit, behaviour, situation; but keep going for the easiest short term solution. Hands up, whose done it? I know I have!

But deep down you know you need to do it, as it will only make things harder long term. You know what I mean… The p*****g about at bedtime; the up and down all night; the fussy buggers make meal times a terror, the two kids keep arguing; the ‘oh no; we’re late for school again; toiletting traumas…(The list is endless).

Solution Focused Parenting (SFP)- is usually done in a group of no more than eight, with minimum of three (coaching works far better for a 1:1 discussion). It is a completely confidential group; what is said in the room, stays in the room, (and if you can’t do that, please don’t come). The world is a very small place…

Time to talk 

 Coaching and mentoring from a non judgemental mum of three under 8; with 13 years in education, 7 of which in senior management; coaching and mentoring colleagues. I have attended training courses in coaching and gained a post graduate certificate in Leadership and Management;  my National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH), Maths specialist teacher status, behaviour specialist and the National SENCO Award (all of which involved bucket loads of coaching and mentoring).

  • Is your brain going round in circles trying to make sense of something?
  • Are you struggling with an aspect of parenting?
  • Unsure about special needs and the paperwork, waiting lists etc
  • Do you need to do something about something, and you don’t know what?
  • Can’t get your child to do their reading or homework without tears and tantrums (usually yours)?
  • Bedtime battles
  • Kiddiewink’s Just a general pain in the arse, in attitude or behaviour, and you have tried everything
  • Worrying/fretting about your child at school and don’t know what to do?
  • Behaviour has become challenging at home or school, or both?
  • Worrying about your child’s learning needs?
  • Don’t know how to access support from outside agencies?
  • Worried about bullying
  • Work life balance , or lack of it, getting you down?
  • Guilty mum syndrome constantly, but this time it’s really got to you?

I don’t have all the answers, but I can help you come up with possibilities; ways forward. I may have experience of others who have been in that situation, and where needed I can offer examples, or suggestions of way forwards. Or I can help empower you to find a solution.

45 minute ‘talking ‘ session- £25 (10-3 UK time), £40 (8-11pm UK time) – we will chats etc via email prior to the ‘talk time’- talk time can be face to face, video calls, or telephone ( although telephone is less effective as facial expressions can be powerful), I will do a free ten minute debrief after a week to see how you are getting on. Subsequent time to talks, on the same topic will be charged at a 10% discount- please email learninglegendz@yahoo.com for further details, or to arrange your first session.

Fluff, slings and those type of things Group- monthly. I will bring along a large range of cloth nappies, some of which can be hired for the month, finger food tasting, chance to share baby carries, and help each other. Generally just a chance to chat about all the crazy stuff I only discovered with kiddiewink number two. I have breast fed all three of mine and became a cloth bumming, baby wearing mum with kiddiewink number two. Or a new age hippy mum, as some of my friends lovingly referred to me as. Last Friday of every month 10-12pm (starting in September). It will also include a story, songs and rhymes for ther little learning legendz. This session will be free for ‘Learning Legendz’ members, £3 for non members.

Support for Home educators- see the home education page




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