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Tests aren’t everything!

   This is very true. Granted, this image applies to the testing of children in America, but the same applies to the formal testing in the Uk. Tests can’t measure so many important things! Not to mention not all children perform well in tests; they only reveal a small part of the whole picture. Children… Continue reading Tests aren’t everything!


What is in a name?

Deciding what anything or anyone should be called is always a challenge, and whatever you choose, there will always be lovers and haters.  Learning Legendz was chosen because it’s different and not traditional, although it is learning, the learning will be fun? With grammar and spelling being such a huge part of the primary curriculum… Continue reading What is in a name?

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Learning Legendz Vision and Aims

Vision Learning Legendz endeavours to promote many opportunities for learning together, and playing together. Giving children and young people the power to develop and grow, reaching their full potential and enjoying exciting and memorable learning opportunities. Ensuring we create resilient learners that love learning and enjoy challenges. Aims To help and  all children to sparkle and… Continue reading Learning Legendz Vision and Aims

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A book to promote reading for pleasure

I was lucky enough to be chosen to interview a real life author, well ask them a question anyway… The book is brilliant, as for me it really does promote reading for pleasure, the interactive features mean, reader’s are always reading for meaning too! There seems a real purpose and for less keen readers, it… Continue reading A book to promote reading for pleasure

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Time2Talk; helping you make positive changes.

Is your brain going round in circles trying to make sense of something? Feel like everyone has this mum thing more nailed than you?  Are you struggling with an aspect of parenting? Do you need to do something about something, and you don’t know what? Can’t get your child to do their reading or homework… Continue reading Time2Talk; helping you make positive changes.


Legendz Adventure- Holiday Club with a difference…

Beginning on Monday 1st August is the new holiday club with a difference. Fun, curriculum theme days linked to your children’s interests. All sessions will support your child’s development and they will become part of a fun learning community. These six sessions are a trial, if it works and the children enjoy it as much as… Continue reading Legendz Adventure- Holiday Club with a difference…