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Learning Legendz Vision and Aims


Learning Legendz endeavours to promote many opportunities for learning together, and playing together. Giving children and young people the power to develop and grow, reaching their full potential and enjoying exciting and memorable learning opportunities. Ensuring we create resilient learners that love learning and enjoy challenges.


  • To help and  all children to sparkle and shine
  • To promote a lifelong love of learning
  • To increase confidence and self esteem
  • To empower all learners on their journey to becoming independent learners.
  • To foster resilience

Hopefully, Learning Legendz will have a positive impact on their academic attainment, but for us that isn’t the be all and end all. They are children, and in the current educational climate, now more than ever, they need chance for fun, chilling and down time. My sessions will be fun, interactive, and motivating, with plenty of learning ‘talk; listening and games. Obviously the tutoring sessions will have a more traditional approach but the key aims remain the same.

Why was Learning Legendz created?

I love teaching, it’s as simple as that. I love inspiring young minds, helping them make leaps in their learning, helping them grow in confidence and maturity, fostering positive learning behaviours. However, over the last year, I have become increasingly unhappy about the government agenda and priorities with regard to education; children as individuals are becoming less and less important, and instead it is all about children reaching the new increased expected level! With demands on the teaching profession further increasing, I was spending less and less quality time with my own children. more and more, the time I was with them, was being spent thinking about work;thinking about the lessons that needed planning or tweaking; thinking about that child who has a lot of crisis and trauma going on in their little world, thinking about those 30 pieces of lovely creative writing that needed marking, thinking about the child whose behaviour has taken a dip and what I can do to help; thinking about the girls who keep falling out; or the display that desperately needed updating- I was always thinking. I could never just stop! Not being able to do any drop offs or pick ups was hard too but that I could cope with (just about) but I knew unfortunately something had to give, and it couldn’t be my own children. I wanted to create something different, where I could use my skills, but something that would offer me more opportunities to spend time with my own children; without the pressures of working in a primary school. So I began to to reflect on my key strengths and interests; and how I could turn them into another job I loved working with children and families. And after many months soul searching, Learning Legendz was born.

Our Learning Experiences

  • Legendz Adventure is the fun holiday club, a holiday club with a difference. Children attending can help shape how the day runs, the games we play, the direction it takes. Although I will plan the sessions, there will be lots of flexibility for children to take ownership of them. All the sessions will be themed; Under the Sea, Volcanoes & Mountains, Alien Invasion, Chocolate, Enchanted Wood… Activities involve arts & crafts, design, drama, dance, music, singing, games, science and more
  • (They are approximately suited -reception to year 8)


  • Little Legendz is our fun and interactive toddler class. Every session is based around a story, with music, dance, drama, arts and crafts, and of course. Again, themes and activities can be adapted based on the children’s interests. A lot of the ideas from Legendz Adventure will be adapted for the toddlers.


  • Learning workshops and clubs are being created to offer children and families a different way of giving learners a boost, both affordable and fun! Children learn so much from each other, and the opportunities to discuss and explore together will be a high focus during these workshops, as well as the usual independent work. Children will be given a range of range of resources and strategies to help consolidate their learning at home, in an inspiring and interactive way. Planned workshops are Times Tables, Calculations, Igniting Writing, Spanish…


  • 1:1 tuition and small group tuition, this is the more formal type of learning and will involve using materials rooted in deep practice and mastery, moving at the individual learner’s pace while ensuring they receive sufficient challenge. The small group tuition group can be chosen by the client (if a group of peers want to learn together; ideally they would be of a similar ability) or I can select and pair/group up children.





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