What is in a name?

Deciding what anything or anyone should be called is always a challenge, and whatever you choose, there will always be lovers and haters. 

Learning Legendz was chosen because it’s different and not traditional, although it is learning, the learning will be fun? With grammar and spelling being such a huge part of the primary curriculum now, I fancied something not technically correct. Part of our vision is to empower learners. Helping them to take ownership over their own learning, reacting on progress and moving their learners onto the next level. It will ultimately give them the power to reach their full potential, having the z, also meant it could represent lightening (a source of power).

I agonised over whether it would ‘look bad’ as technically incorrect, but after lots of research, I realised that ‘Legendz ‘ is occasionally used for the superhero/fantasy  in superhero cartoons and the like. This was the theme and vibe I am hoping to recreate. Learning that children are keen and excited to do, and are keen to do it for themselves, not just because mum or dad said they had to. In the workshops, I am not creating a formal school learning environment where everyone sits and works individually, it is not going to be something only the rich and prestigious can access. The different learning experiences will hopefully be accessed by children from all walks of life. As well as the workshops, I also offer 1:1 and small group tuition (all primary, 11+ and up to GCSE maths) and if tuition was my only focus I would have made sure any name was grammatically correct with perfect spellings. However, as that was only going to be a small part of what we offer, I felt it was still worth sticking with the z, as it really gave the name the edge I wanted.

I love the name and my market research showed all the children loved it too! Most adults seem to get and like it but others, find it hard to accept a teacher has used a z at the end of a word. But that is life, you can’t please everyone, and after all it is just a name!


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