Parent Power

Available Experiences

  • Parent power Learning workshops
  • Parent Power Time2Talk
  • Solution focused parenting
  • SEND support group
  • Young parent and little legends stay and play
  • Fluff, slings and that type of thing

Parent Power Maths workshops £5 each (including refreshments)- chance to get support from a teacher and parent, in a friendly and relaxing environment, with any school related maths queries you may have.

Maths for KS1- calculations – May 4th (10.30-11.30am) or (8-9pm)

Maths for KS2- calculations – May 18th (10.30 – 11.30am) or (8-9pm)

Maths for KS1- mental recall- June 8th (1.45-2.45) or (8-9pm)

Maths for KS2- mental recall – June 15th (1.45-2.45) or (8-9pm)

Special Educational Needs Parent Support Group £3 per person. (All money will go towards resources or speakers for the group). If you fancy attending this let me know, I can plan the dates, time and content around your needs. This is an  inclusive and supportive group, sharing ideas, letting off steam having a cry or a vent and looking at ways forwards. Hopefully a place, parents and carers can come to and feel they are not alone.

Solution focused parenting-8-9pm-£6 per session  (including a prosecco or soft drink) Next Available sessions May 25th 8-9pm

 Solution focused parenting is all about taking down barriers; looking at different ways forward and essentially finding solutions. When you are caught up in the thick of something, it can be a really emotional (and stressful; prosecco needing time).

You want to break the habit, behaviour, situation; but keep going for the easiest short term solution. Hands up, whose done it? I know I have!

But deep down you know you need to do it, as it will only make things harder long term. You know what I mean… The p*****g about at bedtime; the up and down all night; the fussy buggers make meal times a terror, the two kids keep arguing; the ‘oh no; we’re late for school again; toiletting traumas…(The list is endless).

Solution Focused Parenting (SFP)- is usually done in a group of no more than eight, with minimum of three (coaching works far better for a 1:1 discussion).  It is a completely confidential group; what is said in the room, stays in the room, (and if you can’t do that, please don’t come). The world is a very small place…

Time to talk

coaching and mentoring from a non judgemental mum of three under 8; with 13 years in education, 7 of which in senior management; coaching and mentoring colleagues. I have attended training courses in coaching and gained a post graduate certificate in Leadership and Management; and my National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH), Maths specialist teacher status, behaviour specialist and the National SENCO Award (all of which involved bucket loads of coaching and mentoring).

  • Is your brain going round in circles trying to make sense of something?
  •  Are you struggling with an aspect of parenting?
  • Do you need to do something about something, and you don’t know what?
  • Can’t get your child to do their reading or homework without tears and tantrums (usually yours)?
  • Bedtime battles
  • Your child is just a general pain in the arse, in attitude or behaviour, and you have tried everything
  • Worrying/fretting about your child at school and don’t know what to do?
  • Behaviour has become challenging at home or school, or both?
  • Worrying about your child’s learning needs?
  • Don’t know how to access support from outside agencies?
  • Worried about bullying
  • Work life balance , or lack of it, getting you down?
  • Guilty mum syndrome constantly, but this time it’s really got to you?

I don’t have all the answers, but I can help you come up with possibilities; ways forward. I may have experience of others who have been in that situation, and where needed I can offer examples, or suggestions of way forwards. Or I can help empower you to find a solution.

45 minute ‘talking ‘ session- £30 (10-3 UK time), £40 (8-11pm UK time) – we will chats etc via email prior to the ‘talk time’- talk time can be face to face, video calls, or telephone ( although telephone is  less effective as facial expressions can be powerful), I can provide an action plan if required, to keep you on track to meet your goal. I will do a free ten minute debrief after a week to see how you are getting on. Sometimes, you just need someone to listen, clarify and move your thinking on.

Young Parent drop in- stay and play -£3 a family and includes a decent cup of tea and cake tbc

Fluff, slings and those type of things Group- monthly. I will bring along a large range of cloth nappies, some of which can be hired for the month, finger food tasting, chance to share baby carries, and help each other. Generally just a chance to chat about all the crazy stuff I only discovered with kiddiewink number two.  I have breast fed all three of mine and became a cloth bumming, baby wearing mum with kiddiewink number two. For more information, click here.

All the above the drop in’s will include a story and a song for the kiddiewinks